About us

Mathieu Audet, ing. | P. Eng.


Associate Engineer and Co-Founder of MCi Structural Glass and Aluminum S.E.N.C.

Founder of LSVM | Glass and Curtain Wall Solutions Inc.

Member of the glazing technical committee within AVFQ

Member of the committee responsible for updating the CAN/CGSB-12.20-M8 standard


In the vast halls of the University of Sherbrooke, where curious minds meet and intertwine, Mathieu Audet carved his path, engraving his name in the world of engineering. Upon his departure in 2008, he dove into the field of building envelope with ardent passion and unwavering determination, where every detail matters, and every building tells a captivating story.

From his first steps, Mathieu stood out, not by fanfare or flamboyance, but by the rigor and excellence of his work. Even the most complex projects found in him a maestro, orchestrating each element with surgical precision. His peers, recognizing his expertise, turned to him, making Mathieu a technical compass in the ocean of challenges that each project presents.

But it wasn’t just his skill that set him apart. Mathieu possessed a thirst for learning, an insatiable curiosity. He delved deeply into the mysterious world of structural glass and aluminum, two materials that, in his hands, came to life in an almost magical way. His expertise propelled him into the role of technical manager in commercial glazing, where he juggled engineering, technical support, and project management of impressive scale for many years.

However, the horizon called. Feeling that his desire to push the boundaries of structural glass and aluminum could not be fully realized within the confines of a manufacturing company, Mathieu made a bold decision. In 2016, with the complicity of his faithful collaborator, Christian Cyr, he laid the foundations of MCi Structural Glass and Aluminum S.E.N.C. A company born from the vision of two brilliant minds, determined to redefine the boundaries of their field. Seeing that various stakeholders in the field of building envelope needed additional tools, he founded Glass and Curtain Wall Solutions Inc. (lsvm.ca) in 2021. A company aimed at offering computer tools dedicated to door and window manufacturers, glaziers, and architects to preliminarily validate the compliance of guardrail glazing, skylight glazing, aluminum profiles, and more.

Thus, Mathieu Audet continues to leave his mark, not only in the engineering of aluminum, glass, curtain walls, and building envelope but also in the hearts of those who have had the privilege of working alongside him.